Pavlopetri is the oldest underwater city in the world: archeologists have determined that Pavlopetri dates from Minoan times, over 5000 years ago. It is a unique treasure. Pavlopetri is important not only to the Greek people, but it is part of the cultural heritage of the entire world. All those who care about Pavlopetri have the opportunity – and the responsibility – to make sure that Pavlopetri is not damaged, or destroyed. We also hope to promote the continuing archeological excavation of the site and eventually to see the site developed with a visitor center and opportunities for visitors to learn from the site and view the site – without damaging it.

Pavlopetri is suffering from the looting of artifacts, the shifting of sands and sediments, and the pollution of Vatika Bay, primarily caused by large commercial ships that anchor illegally in the Bay. The large ships pollute the clean waters of the Bay by discharging waste and ballast water and engaging in harmful practices such as hull cleaning. Greek authorities turn a blind eye to the pollution caused by the ships. The Greek authorities must become motivated to preserve and protect Pavlopetri, instead of allowing it to be destroyed.

Local citizens of Neapolis and Elafonisos Island expressed their concern about the damage being caused to Pavlopetri by the large ships in Vatika Bay. In August 2014, hundreds of local people gathered on the beach and in the water to form a Human Chain to symbolically protect the archeological site.